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STEVEN PENA - Spinal Decompression... in WALPOLE, NH

Poor posture, bad body mechanics, repetitive stress and acute injury can cause your vertebrae to compress your discs or to slip out of alignment. Compressed discs lead to two major problems: a bulge or herniation pressing on a nerve; and brittleness of the disc. The situation is compounded because a compressed disc restricts the flow of nutrients to itself.
STEVEN PENA, D.C. may recommend Spinal Decompression Therapy to help relieve the pain associated with bulging discs, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, pinched nerves, sciatica, and arm pain or leg pain.
Spinal Decompression Treatment is non-invasive and provides gentle decompression of the disc through the use of an FDA approved decompression table. The computer controlled table gently pulls on the spine to elongate it. This distraction creates a small vacuum between the vertebrae, encouraging the disc to return to its natural position. The goal of decompression is to encourage the disc to heal.
Before or after each Spinal Decompression Treatment in New Hampshire, Doctor STEVEN PENA may recommend a chiropractic manipulation, massage or Cold Laser treatment to relax deep core muscles and further help reduce pain and guarding.
Each Spinal Decompression Therapy treatment with Doctor STEVEN PENA in New Hampshire takes about 30 minutes. During each treatment, a gentle force is applied to the spinal column to reduce the pressure on the injured disc.

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