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STEVEN PENA - Activator Manipulation in WALPOLE, NH

Dr. STEVEN PENA uses Activator Manipulation in New Hampshire to help restore normal alignment in the spine and legs. Slight vertebral or pelvic misalignments can be a normal anatomic finding. However, many patients in New Hampshire find that these misalignments can also result from chronic or acute soft tissue inflammation. The goal of Doctor STEVEN PENA is to identify if a variation in leg-length is either normal, a result of soft tissue inflammation or joint misalignment, and/or contributing to pain along the back, hip leg or feet.
To detect if a short leg syndrome or pelvic deficiency is present, Dr. STEVEN PENA carefully examines each patient in New Hampshire, holding the patient's feet in various ways while the patient lies face down on an examining table to find where the problem is located. Other parts of the body may be tested in various other ways.
Some people may have a difference in leg lengths with up to 2 centimeters (a bit under an inch) is considered normal. However, people with more pronounced leg length differences tend to develop back, hip and leg pain over time. When an inequality or "imbalance" is found, Dr. STEVEN PENA can use the activator manipulation technique at various points along the spine, pelvis, and body.
The cost of a Activator Manipulation treatment in New Hampshire ranges from $20 - $50, depending on the amount of treatment provided and any other concurrent treatments.

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