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SCOTT ALAN ABEL - Holistic Consultation in SAUK CENTRE, MN

Dr. ABEL is a holistic chiropractor in Minnesota and is licensed to provide safe, drug-free, natural, non-invasive therapy for the effectual treatment of numerous disorders which can occur within the body.
Holistic healing means seeing the whole picture of the body/mind connection to health and illness. Part of the whole is our interaction with things and people in the world around us. Unfortunately, modern medicine often focuses on symptoms. We fail to listen, so we often miss the underlying causes of pain and suffering. Simply curing symptoms is like cutting the branches off a sick tree without treating the roots.
Most people can benefit from a holistic consultation. Patients with numerous back and neck issues but also patients with arthritis, joint pain, depression, and many other ailments can see real results from a holistic approach to healing.
Many patients believe that visiting Dr. ABEL at Minnesota has helped them save hundreds of dollars because chiropractic care is non-invasive and doesn’t require surgery. Typically, Doctor SCOTT ABEL does not require that patients take drugs. In fact, Doctor ABEL encourages patients to improve their health through exercise, better nutrition, and improving their health naturally.
The cost of a holistic consultation varies depending on geographic region, the experience of the chiropractor, the issue being treated and if X-rays are needed. In general though patients of Dr. ABEL in Minnesota can expect to pay about $50 for the consultation alone and from $40 to $70 per treatment session, depending on the type of treatment being performed. Most health insurance plans cover some level of chiropractic care. Please contact your medical insurance provider with any questions you may have concerning your personal insurance coverage.

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